Planet Earth Is A Unique Place

Planet Earth Is A Unique Place

Ommar Faruk

  • 29 Oct 2023
  • 2 min read

Earth is a unique planet. The sun and the eight planets around it form our solar system. The distance between the sun and the earth is such that the earth gets enough sunlight and heat to sustain life. Earth is the only planet where life is possible because of enough air and water. Only one planet, where we live.

Planet Earth is a happy place. This is because of its unique environment. The presence of air and water, the right amounts of sunlight and moisture, and the right range of temperature are some factors that make the Earth capable of sustaining life. The temperature at most of the places on earth remains between 20ºC to 48ºC which is good enough to sustain life. The light from the sun is enough to warm the earth’s land and water, well suited to support life. Also, the Earth exerts the right gravitational force to hold its atmosphere. The uppermost layer of the atmosphere is the ozone layer. This protects living beings from the damaging effects of solar radiation and ultraviolet rays.

The earth’s air has nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide gases that help sustain life. Nitrogen gas is converted into compounds of nitrogen by microorganisms. They increase soil fertility and help in plant growth. Oxygen is necessary for all living beings' respiration. Plants use carbon dioxide to make food by photosynthesis. Water is an essential constituent of the body of all organisms. All the biochemical reactions occurring in the body of living organisms take place in the presence of water. There is sufficient water on earth for the use of living beings. Several minerals are present in the earth's soil and are used by the organisms to grow or reproduce.

Our planet Earth is home to amazing and unique creatures, but human and industrial actions are putting them at risk like never before. The flash floods, severe heatwaves, rising sea levels, and wildfires of recent months have demonstrated the imminent threat climate change poses to our planet. Changes in the climate and increases in extreme weather events are among the reasons behind a global rise in hunger and poor nutrition. Fisheries, crops, and livestock may be destroyed or become less productive, and with the ocean becoming more acidic, marine resources that feed billions of people are at risk. Experts warn that it is rapidly reaching a “point of no return” unless urgent action is taken. We need to step in and protect the nature of the earth before it’s too late.

Planet Earth is like no other. It’s home to over 8 million species of plants and animals. The man-made activities severely destructing the natural environment and its resources. We need to act together to stop the destruction of our natural earth and we need to act fast. If we don’t protect Mother Earth, we can’t protect ourselves.